Education and Training

Cambodia’s education and training sector is dynamic and presents multiple opportunities for businesses interested in advancing educational initiatives and skills development. Here’s what Cambodia has to offer in education and training, along with the potential benefits for foreign businesses:

What Cambodia Offers in Education and Training

  1. Educational Growth: Cambodia’s education sector is experiencing significant growth, with increasing enrollment at all levels of education.
  2. Youthful Population: Cambodia has a youthful population, creating a strong market for educational and training services.
  3. Government Commitment: The Cambodian government is actively promoting the expansion of the education sector through various initiatives and investments.
  4. Language Training: There’s a growing demand for English language training, reflecting Cambodia’s need for global communication skills.
  5. Vocational Training: Vocational and skills training programs are on the rise, supporting employment and skills development.
  6. Emerging E-Learning: The adoption of e-learning and online education is increasing, providing opportunities for tech-savvy education solutions.

What Foreign Businesses Can Benefit From in Cambodia

  1. Language and Skill Training: Foreign educational institutions can provide language and skill training, meeting the growing demand for such services.
  2. E-Learning Platforms: Businesses can offer e-learning platforms and digital education solutions, contributing to the growth of online education.
  3. Teacher Training and Professional Development: Foreign education firms can provide teacher training programs to enhance the quality of education in Cambodia.
  4. Higher Education Partnerships: Collaboration with Cambodian universities and institutions can lead to dual-degree programs and research initiatives.
  5. Educational Technology: Companies specializing in educational technology can introduce advanced solutions to modernize Cambodian classrooms and learning experiences.
  6. Customized Training: Businesses can provide customized training programs to meet the specific skill needs of industries and employers.
  7. Certification and Accreditation Services: Foreign companies can offer certification and accreditation services to maintain educational quality standards.


Foreign businesses in the education and training sector can contribute to the development of Cambodia’s education landscape and support skills development for the youth. By offering language training, e-learning solutions, teacher training, and higher education opportunities, they can help bridge gaps in Cambodia’s educational system and enhance the quality of learning and skills development.