Transport and Logistics

Cambodia’s transport and logistics sector is essential for connecting the country to international markets and facilitating trade. It offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses interested in transportation, supply chain management, and logistics services. Here’s what Cambodia has to offer in transport and logistics, along with the potential benefits for foreign businesses:

What Cambodia Offers in Transport and Logistics

  1. Geographical Advantage: Cambodia’s strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia makes it a crucial transit hub for regional trade.
  2. Infrastructure Development: The Cambodian government is actively investing in infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, ports, and airports.
  3. International Trade: Cambodia’s position within ASEAN enables access to regional markets and global trade routes.
  4. Economic Growth: Cambodia’s economic growth drives demand for transportation and logistics services.
  5. Growing E-Commerce: The e-commerce sector is expanding, requiring efficient logistics solutions for last-mile delivery.
  6. Special Economic Zones: Cambodia has established special economic zones (SEZs) to attract investment in manufacturing and logistics.

What Foreign Businesses Can Benefit From in Cambodia

  1. Transportation Services: Foreign companies can provide transportation services, including road, sea, and air transport for goods and passengers.
  2. Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Businesses can offer logistics and supply chain solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs for importers and exporters.
  3. E-Commerce Fulfillment: Companies specializing in e-commerce logistics can support the growing online retail market.
  4. Infrastructure Development: Foreign investors can engage in infrastructure projects, such as port and road construction, to enhance connectivity.
  5. Warehouse and Storage Services: Foreign businesses can invest in warehouses and storage facilities to support inventory management.
  6. Customs Clearance Services: Companies can offer customs clearance and documentation services to streamline import and export processes.
  7. Cross-Border Trade: Foreign businesses can facilitate cross-border trade between Cambodia and neighboring countries.


Foreign businesses in the transport and logistics sector can capitalize on Cambodia’s strategic location, economic growth, and infrastructure development to provide essential services for trade and commerce. By offering transportation, logistics, and supply chain management solutions, they can support Cambodia’s economic development and facilitate the movement of goods and people within the region.