Travelling to/within Cambodia


1. Visa

Please check the type of visa applicable for your country of origin and ensure your eVisa is approved before you travel.
eVisas are valid for 30 days. Please plan your travels in advance to avoid any unpleasant experience.

Only use the official site to apply for an eVisa. Click the button below or use this URL:
Approval time for eVisas is approximately 3 days.

2. Money & Currencies

You’ll find that you can carry both the USD (United States Dollar) and the local currency, the Cambodian riel, to pay for goods & services. The USD is a widely accepted currency and is the defacto currency for most tourists, though having some riel will help with the smaller transactions. Most new establishments in the shopping malls do accept cashless payments.
Expect to receive riel as change even when transacting with USD.

3. Embassy or Consulates

Do ensure you know where your country’s embassy is located in Cambodia in the event of an emergency. Keep the address and contact details with you.

4. Traveling around the city of Phnom Penh

You can get around by flagging a taxi or Tuk Tuk or use ride hailing apps. We recommend the use of ride hailing apps to avoid scams if you are unfamiliar with the city.

Have 1-2 ride hailing apps downloaded before your arrival for ease of booking. Some commonly used ride hailing apps include: Grab, PassApp, WeGo, TADA, Eagle